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I Totally Agree - Blame the Virgos! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I Totally Agree [Jul. 21st, 2013|09:28 pm]


I'm a Gemini Sun, and I've grown up with the Virgo sign. My dad is one, I've dated 2 of them and I hate them! I know it's bad to bash on people and not ALL Virgos are terrible people, but I've always hated them. They're control freaks that need everything to go their way and at the same time have nothing in their life in order. They over-think and complain too much then do these weird absolutely idiotic things on impulse and it makes them come off as freaks, BUT THEY HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA. I love weirdos, I'm a Gemini and I'm strange as hell, but ugh, Virgo strange just annoys me.
Lemme give you a few back stories.
Virgo father: Total control freak. Yells at me to go to college everyday. I'm 16... And he says the dumbest shit I've ever heard, they're suppose to be intelligent but maybe that's a misconception. And he's always depressed and when I try giving him advice he ignores it and tries to counteract it. They don't accept anyone's point-of-view but don't even know their own.
My two exes: One was clingy as fuck. I came to her house almost everyday, surprised her, wrote her notes (even though she'd insult them when she got mad) but basically she was always insecure and never satisfied. And she'd tell all her friends she was iffy about me and seriously thought I wouldn't notice. They never pick up on simple social protocalls I s2g...
My other ex was a guy and all he did was pick up embarrassing hobbies that made him look idiotic, and he'd never stay with them. He was so indecisive it made me wanna scream. I couldn't talk to him about anything enticing because he was always secluded to his own dumb thoughts. Both exes picked up these really stupid catch phrases that were cute at first but used them constantly and IT INFURIATED ME.
Indecisive, insecure, annoying, idiotic, boring, creepy, clingy, eccentic, mentally insane I swear.
Virgos suck. No one will probably read this cause it's long :P I just HATE Virgos, least favorite sign.

[User Picture]From: mhdkmk
2016-12-29 06:19 pm (UTC)


You're just complaining. Full rant tmr.
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